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Instagram AR Filters

Instagram AR Filters are taking over. Wheather you are wondering what Disney princess you are or what type of Taco Bell item represents you, there is an AR filter out there for you.

How do you use them?

AR Filters can be found on a user’s “Story”. The title of the filter will be in the upper left corner. If you tap on it then you will be given the option to download it and use it as well. This is a clever, viral way of pushing these plugins. No messy website or download page to go to, just natural organic clicks as the user flows through stories.

How do you make them?

The first thing you need is Spark AR Studio. This is only available for Windows or Mac, sorry Linux users. From there just hop onto youtube and you will find tons of walk-thru’s and guides like this to get you going. That’s about all I’m going to cover here.

Are there any risks involved with these?

There are a couple of concerns with these filters as far as I am seeing. For one, in Oct. of 2019 Instagram removed filters that promoted “cosmetic surgery, amid concerns they harm people’s mental health”. Basically, on a platform geared towards teens and younger, altering your image — or encouraging research into what you would change about yourself is harmful. On one hand, this seems a bit of an over-reaction, but then you get filters named “Fix Me” and understand the response. In terms of exploits it seems that for now, we are safe.

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