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Create your own Discord bot with Python

What is the best way to develop a Discord bot? You’ve always wondered about this, and we’re here to walk you through the process of creating your own Discord bot. You may make a Discord bot on any platform, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. We’ll use to run the […]

What is the difference between GET and POST? {Developer Interview Questions}

Interview questions for developers are by nature “trick questions”. I say this because I have seen it too many times. On one hand, the question will be a complex narrative with multiple variables and things to consider, yet the answer is clear and straight forward. And on the other hand […]

Practice typing by typing a book is a fantastic idea. This site will let you improve your typing skills by typing actual books. No more typing about foxes and jumping. Typelit will let you choose from 1984, Alice in Wonderland and even the King James Bible.

Android: Why this photo is bricking some phones

BBC News is reporting: Dozens of Android phone owners are reporting on social media that a picture featuring a lake, a cloudy sunset and a green shoreline is crashing their handsets when used as wallpaper. How could such a serene image cause a phone to crash? Basically, its too much […]

How to quit VIM

A recent post on Reddit says: “2.1 million people visited the page ‘How do I exit the Vim editor?’ according to stack overflow survey” This is very understandable. Let me answer this. :Q! — exit without saving :Q — exit / close window :w — write / save file shift-ZZ […]

tmux and Vim for PHP Programmers

Out on a Limb – February 2019

This month’s issue of Php[architect] magazine features my article on using tmux and Vim as a developer. Take a look and for only $6 you can purchase the issue or subscribe starting at as low as $4.99! Check it out and help support a great developer community!

VIM: Forget easy-to-use design. Choose something hard instead

Forget easy-to-use design. Choose something hard instead

This is a great article about the mentality that allows you to use VIM even when it is “hard” There is a computer program called Vim, based on software created in the 1970s. It is famously difficult. Computer programmers have endless jokes about how much of a challenge it is […]

Mastodon Is Better than Twitter: Elevator Pitch

Mastodon social

Great article on why you should choose Mastodon (not the band even though they are great and I would choose them over Twitter any day)  Vs Twitter Mastodon is a newcomer social media platform that is a lot like Twitter—short messages, followers, hashtags, all that. But Mastodon is much better […]

How to move the sweetalert css to the footer

SweetAlert is a great tool written in js that allows for customized ‘alert’ boxes. While they really aren’t ‘alert’ boxes, they can function as single popup notices to more advanced features like promise based ajax dialogs. We discovered, unfortunately, that sweetalert puts in a mighty big chunk of its CSS into […]