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Bitcoin Faucets, too good to be true? 2021 edition

Starting Friday 1/1/2021 I will be tracking my faucet activity on Coinpot and the affiliated Moon[coin] faucets. Crypto faucets are a way of gaining ad revinue for the host in exchange of micro crypto coins mainly satoshis. Named for the elusive creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamori. A satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 bitcoin and must be collected to a value of ~0.0001 before many platforms will allow you to withdraw to a wallet or exchange. Oh yea, you have to keep these satoshis on a third-party service until you collect enough to “cash out”.

A crypto faucet is a website that will give you satoshis in exchange for viewing ads or completing simple tasks. A satoshi is the smallest trading unit of a coin, worth 0.00000001 BTC in the case of BitCoin. Crypto faucets exist for most alt coins

The collection process for you the end user involves solving Captchas for the base level task and through “multipliers” you can increase the satoshi that you receive during the time period established by the faucet or “claim period”.

Moon[coin] offers several sites under the name MoonDodgecoin, MoonDashcoin, MoonBitcoin, MoonBitcoinCash, MoonLitecoin etc.. These sites offer a 5 minute claim period and immediately transfer the satoshi to your Coinpot account. Coinpot allows for an easy to manage dashboard as well as other offers to increase your gains.

In this experiment I will be using my phone to claim as well as computer (whichever one I am on), neither offer a benefit over the other. I will be reporting Daily and weekly totals for 1 month to see if my time is worth “free bitcoin”. If you want to play along you can sign up with the links below.

CoinPotMoon DashMoon BitcoinMoon BitcoinCashMoon LitecoinMoon Dogecoin

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