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Instagram AR Filters

Instagram AR Filters are taking over. Wheather you are wondering what Disney princess you are or what type of Taco Bell item represents you, there is an AR filter out there for you. How do you use them? AR Filters can be found on a user’s “Story”. The title of the filter will be in…
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Out on a Limb – February 2019

tmux and Vim for PHP Programmers

This month’s issue of Php[architect] magazine features my article on using tmux and Vim as a developer. Take a look and for only $6 you can purchase the issue or subscribe starting at as low as $4.99! Check it out and help support a great developer community!

retro ET cover

55 Classic Computer and Video Game Magazine Covers

Paleotronic has a fascinating article highlighting 55 of the best Christmas computer video game magazine covers. Hold on to your nostalgia, this one might hit you right in the feels.

Whats the most weirdest program you have written with PHP?

This is taken from A local radio station were running a competition where they had three celebrities all say 1 word form a 3 word phrase. Every time someone phoned in they published the wrong and right guesses on their facebook page. I wrote a script that stored those values and ticked them off…
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Flashback: Ronald Reagan's powerful rebuke of hate groups
No One is Born Racist

No one is born racist