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Instagram AR Filters

Instagram AR Filters are taking over. Wheather you are wondering what Disney princess you are or what type of Taco Bell item represents you, there is an AR filter out there for you. How do you use them? AR Filters can be found on a user’s “Story”. The title of the filter will be in…
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Out on a Limb – February 2019

tmux and Vim for PHP Programmers

This month’s issue of Php[architect] magazine features my article on using tmux and Vim as a developer. Take a look and for only $6 you can purchase the issue or subscribe starting at as low as $4.99! Check it out and help support a great developer community!

retro ET cover

55 Classic Computer and Video Game Magazine Covers

Paleotronic has a fascinating article highlighting 55 of the best Christmas computer video game magazine covers. Hold on to your nostalgia, this one might hit you right in the feels.

xkcd Password Generator

xkcd Password Generator

I had a conversation with my in-laws this past week we got into a conversation about their wifi password. Basically, they have an ATT router setup where the password is on the underside of the modem. This password is something like “7%b6c9m4k”. No one can ever remember it. The best you can do is take…
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'Siri, I'm getting pulled over'

‘Siri, I’m getting pulled over’: A new shortcut for iPhones can automatically record the police

This is quite interesting and I’m pretty amazed it has taken so long for this to be created. (via tl;dr A big new feature for iPhones this year is Shortcuts, an app that lets you write scripts for the iPhone. One widely shared shortcut is called Police, which records police interactions and texts a…
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Before Food Trucks, Americans Ate ‘Night Lunch’ From Beautiful Wagons

Night lunch Wagons

Before the trend of food trucks and street food, night lunch and food wagons were all the rage. From Atlas Obscura: “IN 1893, BOSTON WAS BUSTLING, especially after the sun went down. “Night owls of all classes” roamed the streets, wrote the Boston Daily Globe, including “workers, idlers, pleasure seekers, spendthrifts, tramps and bums.” At some point, all…
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Forget easy-to-use design. Choose something hard instead

VIM: Forget easy-to-use design. Choose something hard instead

This is a great article about the mentality that allows you to use VIM even when it is “hard” There is a computer program called Vim, based on software created in the 1970s. It is famously difficult. Computer programmers have endless jokes about how much of a challenge it is just to exit the program. It…
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The Story Behind DOOM’s Cheat Codes

Man, I loved this game and this video brings back all the feels! Thank you Codex! If you want to support the development of this series, and check out the extended interview with Dave Taylor, consider subscribing on Patreon! The first episode of Codex takes a look at the story behind DOOM’s cheat codes,…
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How Music Was Made On Super Nintendo

A nerdy / feel good look at how music was made for the super nintendo!